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30 Apr 2020

Configuring Pi-Hole with DNS over HTTPS

Pi-Hole DNS sink over HTTPS
04 Apr 2020

Porsche Classifier

Identify Porsche models(718, 911, Taycan, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera) with 95 % accuracy.
14 Jan 2020

An Example Markdown Post

A minimal example of using markdown with fastpages.
16 Jun 2019

Text Classification using machine learning

Basic text classifier that uses tensor-flow and keras api inorder to classify text
15 Jun 2019

Clothing Classifier

Basic classifier that is trained to classify images of clothing into 10 categories
28 May 2019
25 May 2019

Automated Street Lighting using Arduino - An IoT implementation

Automatic street lighting system which senses amount of ambient light and accordingly switches on/off lights.
25 May 2019

Automated Weather Monitor using Arduino - an IoT Implementation

Automated Smart Weather Monitor using IoT
23 May 2019
22 Apr 2019

Weather Station on NodeMCU

Smart Weather Monitor Using nodemcu