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11 Jun 2020


kprohith’s dotfiles

I’ve copied and backed up all of my dotfiles into a git repo and pushed it onto Github Altassian has a great blog post on how to go about this

These dotfiles are top secret text files that optimize my terminal usage.

Make sure you read the About My Dotfiles section if you intend to use these. Currently under construction.

A Word of Advice

Before you use these (or any) dotfiles, make sure you back your dotfiles up into a directory (you’ll find them in your home folder - type ls -a in the terminal).

Also, make sure you read the About My Dotfiles section before you use these in order to ensure that nothing goes awry.

Dotfiles are meant to be different. What suits me well definitely won’t be perfect for you. So I seriously recommend forking this repo and then making it your own.


You can customize these dotfiles using .local files. These can be used to add custom commands or configure things that you don’t want to commit to a public repo.

For example, to overwrite stuff in the .bash_profile file, make a file called .bash_profile.local and put your stuff in there.

About My Dotfiles

First up, my main OS of choice is Windows 10 Pro along with WSL2 running Debian and that’s what my dotfiles are tailored to. I will eventually seperate out the wsl specific stuff.

Like everyone else who customizes their dotfiles, I have my own way of doing things. For example, all of my projects are in ~/Projects, and the project function makes a new folder in this directory and cd’s into it. This may or may not suit and hence you should start by changing the values of the variables defined in the various files to what suits your needs (the PATH_TO_PROJECTS variable keeps track of my projects directory).

I like to explore new languages, frameworks and technologies. Hence, I have a folder called playground on my Desktop where I experiment with stuff. The play command makes a new folder in here and cd’s into it (PATH_TO_PLAYGROUND is the corresponding variable). This is again something you should customize to suit your own needs (or remove entirely).


Shoutout to these amazing people and their dotfiles for inspiring my dotfiles in many ways.

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