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05 Jul 2018

TicTacToe in Python

A text-based version of the popular two player game.

Size of the game is dynamically set depending on the user’s choice.

This game is entirely written in python.

This script uses colorama for adding color to the commandline output.

Install colorama to see colored output.

# @author = RKP
# python version = 3.7
import itertools
from colorama import Fore, Back, Style, init


def win(current_game):

 def all_same(l):
        if l.count(l[0]) == len(l) and l[0] != 0:
            return True
            return False
    # horizontal
    for row in game:
        if all_same(row):
            print(f"Player {row[0]} is the winne horizontally!")
            return True
    # vertical
    for col in range(len(game[0])):
        check = []
        for row in game:
        if all_same(check):
            print(f"Player {check[0]} is the winner vertically!")
            return True

    # / diagonal
    diags = []
    for idx, reverse_idx in enumerate(reversed(range(len(game)))):

    if all_same(diags):
        print(f"Player {diags[0]} has won diagonally (/)")
        return True

    # \ diagonal
    diags = []
    for ix in range(len(game)):

    if all_same(diags):
        print(f"Player {diags[0]} has won Diagonally (\\)")
        return True

    return False

def game_board(game_map, player=0, row=0, column=0, just_display=False):

        if game_map[row][column] != 0:
            print("This space is occupied, try another!")
            return False

        print("   "+"  ".join([str(i) for i in range(len(game_map))]))
        if not just_display:
            game_map[row][column] = player

        for count, row in enumerate(game_map):
            colored_row = ""
            for item in row:
                if item == 0:
                    colored_row += "   "
                elif item == 1:
                    colored_row += Fore.GREEN + " X " + Style.RESET_ALL
                elif item == 2:
                    colored_row += Fore.MAGENTA + " O " + Style.RESET_ALL
        print(count, colored_row)
        return game_map
    except IndexError:
        return False
    except Exception as e:
        return False

play = True
players = [1, 2]
while play:
    game_size = int(input("What size game TicTacToe?"))
    game = [[0 for i in range(game_size)] for i in range(game_size)]

    game_won = False
    player_cycle = itertools.cycle([1, 2])
    game_board(game, just_display=True)
    while not game_won:
        current_player = next(player_cycle)
        played = False
        while not played:

            print(f"Player: {current_player}")
            column_choice = int(input("Which column?"))
            row_choice = int(input("Which row?"))
            played = game_board(game, player=current_player, row=row_choice, column=column_choice)

        if win(game):
            game_won = True
            again = input("The game is over, would you like to play again? (y/n)")
            if again.lower() == "y":
            elif again.lower() == "n":
                play = False
                print("Not a valid answer, but see you!")
                play = False
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