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09 Oct 2020


My Reading List
15 Jul 2020

A REST API for managing playlists

A Django based REST API for managing songs and playlists, along with a graphical management interface
09 Jul 2020

Pi-Hole Network Protection Analysis

Analyzing my Pi-Hole protected home network
04 Jul 2020

Following the Teach Yourself CS Curriculum

Documenting my musings as I work my way through the TYCS curriculum
19 Jun 2020


The answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
11 Jun 2020


My repo of dotfiles
31 May 2020

AwesomeBlog Club

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18 May 2020

Meal Planner Database Using AirTable

A very powerful and customizable template for meal planning powered by Airtable, with a back-end that is integrated across Recipes, Inventory, and Shopping Lists, with Meal board and Recipe Boards and much more!
15 May 2020

Blogging using Notion Pages

Using Cloudflare Workers to run JavaScript on the edge to set up a public facing Notion Page
14 May 2020

Setting up a blog from a Notion Table

A minimalistic blog generator for